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Typo in Ancient Biblical Texts Shocks Theologians

By Joe Bodolai

Vatican researchers are not commenting about possible typographical errors in some of the earliest transcriptions of Biblical texts which cast doubt on the identity of the Supreme Being his or her bad self. According to an exclusive SAY IT AIN’T SO, JOE! leak, the correct translation should read “Gord” not “God”, as in “I am the Lord thy Gord.”

The typo was ascribed to an over-anxious monk in the third century “perhaps working on deadline without the benefit of spell check,” said the secret source. “It sure does change everything all around the world though.“

Among the many vexing questions, aside from the identity of Gord, is whether or not people will be able to change centuries of habits, such as learning to say “oh my Gord I’m coming!”

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