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This Date in Hip Hop History: 50 Cent Shuffles Posse


On this date in 2005

By Joe Bodolai © All rights reserved.

Rapper 50 Cent has officially demoted fellow rapper The Game and removed him from his “crew” position. Mr. Cent also stripped him of “posse” and “entourage” status but declined to provide details, adding a terse “no (expletive) comment”, followed by the ubiquitously rhetorical “know what I’m sayin’?

Demotion from “crew” status is one of the most serious sanctions the rap community can impose and often leads to a ritual exchange of gunfire. In fact, Mr. Game heard about his demotion in a formal “disrespectation” on a New York radio station. Mr. Game and his “entourage” immediately drove to the radio station, where they confronted members of Mr. Cent’s “entourage, leading to a gunfight in which one of Mr. Game’s “associates” was injured.

It is not clear whether the divestiture will also require Mr. Game to surrender the accoutrements of his station, such as large medallions, oversize rings, or jeweled dental adornments.

In an unrelated incident, rapper Lil’ Kim promoted her assistant Monique Dowell from “entourage” to full “crew” status after Ms. Dowell “got her back” in connection with perjury charges related to a 2001 radio station shooting

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