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Arenas’ “Murder in the Locker Room” Script Optioned by NBA Films

By Joe Bodolai and Dan Goldberg

Note: The following article was created in collaboration with Dan Goldberg of the blog Erie View. It complies with NBA Thug Stereotyping Guidelines and SAY IT AIN’T SO, JOE! pseudo journalistic “you are not the boss of me lax standards”.

Real life stories make the best movies, like Avatar or My Hangover,” said NBA superstar turned screenwriter Gilbert Arenas. The Washington Wizards’ superstar was suspended indefinitely by the NBA after a real near-gunplay confrontation with teammate Javaris Crittendon in the Wizards’ locker room in which as many as four handguns were available in one locker alone. Crittendon apparently had a round in the chamber and cocked the gun, maintaining league credibility.

What if one of them had pulled the trigger?

How frickin’ awesome is that for an opening if they would have unloaded? Oh, did I say that out loud?” asked NBA Films’ Executive Producer David “I’m not really that” Stern. “When Gilbert made his pitch before the game, I knew he was taking the NBA into new creative territory.“

The Wizards lost by 23 to the Cleveland Cavaliers, but Arenas and Crittendon came out winners as Stern optioned their script for the league’s new venture, NBA Off-Court Action Tales. “We had it retyped, not like we translated it into English since our African-American players….(QUOTATION REDACTED BY NBA LAWYERS). NBA legal staff have suspended work on the Collective Bargaining Agreement to negotiate a rebroadcast package with TruTV for upcoming films.

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