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Indian I.T. Specialists Save Up and Buy Own Computer

Tech Support Professionals Soon to Have Own Support Issues

By Joe Bodolai © All rights reserved

The villagers of Pratesh Dabar in southern India gathered around in the living room of Sanjeev Mukhari as he opened the cardboard box with a “sacred cow” design on the outside. They cheered and clapped as Mukhari removed the bubble wrap (which was to be sold later at the village market as children’s toys) and revealed a shiny new Gateway personal computer, the first privately owned PC in the entire village.

The entire population had long been dreaming of such a moment, as over 90% of them are employed as technical support representatives for Microsoft, the Redwood, Washington software giant. The village is proud of their work, said Mukhari. “We are Microsoft’s finest unit. We can even tell users how to print from Windows!”

The villagers had pooled their salaries for the last four years to purchase the unit on eBay for 31,000 rupees ($687).  Mukhari, whose penchant for all things American leads him to call himself “Gary”, as do his associates “Dave”, and “Steve”, exclaimed “I am very tickled pink to having a computer of our very own. And in two years, the bat of an eye, we will be able to afford the monitor.”

In the meantime, Mrs. Mukhari pronounced the mouse “exceedingly handy to use for crushing spices and grinding my secret masala.”

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