CIA Looking for New Osama bin Laden on Craigslist!


UPDATE: With the latest death of "Osama bin Laden" there is an Updated Version of this piece at “The Tupac of Terror”

By Joe Bodolai © 2010, All rights reserved

The CIA and the Neocons need to keep the myth of Osama Bin Laden alive to fuel fear of terrorism and lubricate war fever and the abrogation of civil rights in the USA. They generally rely on updated “Osama bin Laden” videos to aid their cause, and since the real Bin Laden (a former CIA operative and US ally not to mention friend of the Bush family) has been dead for years, they need some lookalikes. Their campaign of fake videos seems to have hit a new low with this one, complete with dated references:

Since the real CIA employee Osama bin Laden died several years ago, they have been looking for doubles to appear in their fake “terror” videos. Looks like they’re scraping the bottom of the barrel judging by this posting on Craigslist. Click on picture to enlarge.

Desperate CIA Ad Posted Today on Craigslist

  1. Anonymous
    May 1, 2011 at 10:13 pm

    Then why is OBAMA going along with it ? Are you trying to suggest that Obama no longer believes that Bush planned 911 ? He’s Changed ? Now he calls Bush to congradulate him, that “Their” job is done ? You Ass-Backwards, Pal. Obama, NOT Bush is on the side of Al-Quaeda. A Devout Muslim Anti-American who’s goal is to Bankrupt the U.S.

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