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“24” Returns to Defy Logic, Demonize Muslims, and Confuse the Hell Out of Viewers

It’s Not Just the  Turgid Dialogue that Drones on This Year

By Joe Bodolai © 2010, All rights reserved

“You don't move. I haven't peed in 25 hours.”

Ironically, it happened 24 minutes into Monday’s night’s ”two part season preview“ of the surveillance and torture ”war on terror“ infomercial called “24”.  This year, the President is negotiating with an Ahmadinejad lookalike from “the Islamic Republic”, Omar Hassan.

Computer analyst ”Chloe O’Brien“ had to take three breaths while uttering the kind of gripping dialogue typical of this obtuse weekly one-hour ad for Homeland Security:

”Because it explains why the biometrics registered her deception and why the real insider who was in Hassan’s camp chose her to divert our investigation.“

This turgid, expository who the hell talks like this line, is the kind of dialogue if spoken in a movie theater is usually whispered when one’s companion says ”I don’t get it. What’s going on?“ What confuses me is that it said by gifted comedy actress Mary-Lynn Rajskub. (Mary-Lynn, you were in Second City for this?) But you’d never know it from her appearance in this show. She, along with fellow comedienne and liberal talk show host Janeane Garofalo last year, appears spouting lines without a semblance of irony, let alone comedy.

Now remember, this is a show that is set in ”real time“, if by ”real“ you mean the time used by Jack Bauer who can drive from the Valley down the 405 to downtown in like six minutes. Most people in LA can’t even parallel park in six minutes!

Jack getting beaten to an Abu Ghraib pulp is also a staple of the series, and this episode has a brutal New York City cop wailing away on him, thinking he murdered another cop in a house, supposedly in Queens, but sporting SoCal garden foliage. Jack usually rebounds during commercial breaks so I’m not worried. He’s got 22 hours left and in past seasons he’s worked that long with serious knife wounds, poisoning, and gunshot wounds. He always has enough strength to exact revenge. One wonders what Jack does on the next day. I’m thinking “spa” and certainly with a pedicure to repair the toe damage of kicking so much ass.

The disturbing element of this season’s debut is the reliance on and assumption that ”drones“ are all over Manhattan and that, sir, is a good thing. ”Download the drone archive“, Jack says, although I thought he was in a coma last year so when he got the memo on drone deployment is, well, it’s ”24“.

I noticed last year or maybe the year before, whenever the Chinese through line was working, that the cast, crew, and network really showed their lack of first-hand knowledge when they continually referred to the Chinese ”counsel“, meaning ”consul“. The fact that this got by cast, writers on set, director, editors, and network execs is in and of itself proof that “24” is out of touch with reality but is good at helping Homeland Security create a new one.

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