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Glossary of Terms in Iraq War

A Handy Guide to Understanding Iraq War Jargon

By Joe Bodolai  (c) 2010, All rights reserved

A-10 Warthog – Female journalists’ nickname for Wolf Blitzer

Embedded – Journalists “in bed” with the U.S. military. Signs of wishful embedding include former military men flirting openly on air with Paula Zahn.

MRE’s – prepackaged rations, stands for “Meals Ready to Expel”

Bunker Busters – The result of consuming MRE’s.

Target-Rich Environment – bar full of single women

Qusay and Uday – Original Pig Latin names of Saddam Hussein’s sons.

Special Republican Guard – Dick Cheney, Trent Lott, and other senior GOP officials

Nebuchadnezzar Republican Guard – Joe Lieberman

“Human Intelligence” – opposite of “military intelligence”

Collateral Damage – Reduction in real estate value caused by bombing civilian areas. Oh, and death of civilians.

WMD — Washington Men in Denial

Drones — Members of U.S. Congress obediently voting for war funding

Attritted – Archaic English term for “bombed the crap out of”

Heard on  the Arab Street – Made up by FOX News

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