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My First Reaction to the State of The Union Address

By Joe Bodolai © 2010, All rights reserved

As I watch the President make his State of the Union address, these thoughts come to mind

  • Biden is nodding like a bobblehead. Now 50% off at the White House Store!
  • Doubling exports over the next five years will create two million new jobs. Where?  Merry Christmas, India. All we can export are weapons. And  NBA logo jerseys.
  • The bank bailout is like “root canal”? I’d rather have root canal!
  • “We might face a second Depression.” Oh, you mean like the one yesterday?
  • On the war in Afghanistan: “There will be difficult days ahead. But I am confident we will succeed.” Oh I’ll bet we’ll do as well as Alexander the Great or the Soviet Union.
  • The threat of nuclear weapons is “perhaps the greatest danger to the American people.” A reference to Iran, obviously. What about Israel? They actually have nuclear weapons and are not signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. By U.S. law, we are therefore not allowed to provide weapons to that country. Yet, those white phosphorus bombs in Gaza are “proudly made in the USA.”
  • I think we’re living in an American Twilight Zone.
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