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Audi Super Bowl Commercial for… Martial Law?

Ad shows warrantless searches, “green police” rampage

By Joe Bodolai © 2010, All rights reserved

During the height of the former Soviet Union, roadways had special lanes reserved for cars of Communist Party officials. I thought of that as my jaw dropped watching the Audi commercial during the Super Bowl. This shocking ad depicted “green police” invading homes to arrest a man for not composting, using an incandescent light bulb, and a variety of other supposed eco-friendly violations.

The commercial begins with a man asked by a cashier if he would like paper or plastic, he replies “plastic,” Instantly he is accosted by one of the “green police” who claims “you just said the magic word. You picked the wrong day to mess with the green police plastic boy” and his head slammed onto the checkout scanner. Now aside from the ridiculous leap of logic that the checkout clerk gave him the choice and would possibly be an accessory to this “crime”, remember, this is a commercial for an automobile!

The depiction of bands of roving cops stopping citizens, invading homes, and complete disregard of any rights is truly terrifying. Is this a corporate attempt to condition the citizenry of what perhaps is, or they hope is, on the horizon?

The commercial ends with the Audi allowed to pass freely through the massive checkpoint in its own special lane. This is a true celebration of the removal of our rights and freedoms. Wanna buy a car that stands for this? By the way, Audi is almost wholly owned by Volkswagen.

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  1. Peter Cohen
    February 11, 2010 at 12:51 pm

    So this is what I understand from the ad: environmentalists are enviro-Nazis, and all their victims are white, and Audi TDI A3 comes from the historical home of the Third Reich, but it’s green and gets a free pass. Huh?

    This is close to what I call a “Bob Roberts:: take something positive like environmentalism, expropriate it, turn it on its head, and contort it into something the right would approve…only it doesn’t work: it’s confusing and forces its humor, sort of like Leno’s skits at their worst or comedians who think that poopy jokes are funny because they are outrageous.

    By the way, I hate cars that have numbers instead of names because they’re snobby, foreign cars with names of American locations (Sedona, Tacoma), names that end with -a, made up names, any car with the name Brougham, which is actually a 4 wheel horse-drawn carriage. and names in general.

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