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Focus Group Wins Screenwriting Credit for “All About Steve”

“It’s All About Writing,”, say Studio Execs

By Joe Bodolai © 2010, All rights reserved.

After months of deliberation, the Writers Guild of America has been forced to give a belated screenwriting credit to a focus group after it was shown that the group was “more instrumental in determining the story and jokes than the original writers.”

What? No boner?

The 55-member group, none of whom works in show business or is related to anyone in the film industry, received $40 each plus diet soda and a slice of four-cheese pizza or lactose-free egg white frittata for their three-hour session in which they screened the movie All About Steve and offered their opinions on various jokes and scenes.

“I thought they should have more jokes like a guy getting his boner slammed in a car door or his chest hair waxed,” said Tom Bangston, a 22 year-old donut oil refresher technician for Krispy Kreme. ”We wanted more stuff  like The 40 Year-Old Virgin but the lawyers said no. You know the suits, man. They just don’t get it.“

Maria Casadelkroger, a call center phone cleaner, said ”I think our best work was when we convinced them not to call its original title, Gigli 2.

After the meeting, Bangston pitched his idea to studio executives. Based on his verbal one-incomplete sentence logline, 500 Days of My Boner is scheduled for summer release.

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  1. April 25, 2011 at 8:39 pm

    Interesting. I wonder what Ken Loach would say about the focus group being used by managers–perhaps different than by the writers themselves. Loach discusses the negative effects of bureaucracy on creativity in screenplays. See … http://t.co/1NHkeGP

  1. February 11, 2011 at 7:05 pm

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