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EXCLUSIVE! New Cheney Terror Tape Surfaces!

Believed to be Odiously Authentic

By Joe Bodolai © 2010, All rights reserved

Quality Shows News (QSN) has obtained what it believes to be an authentic new taped message from terror spokesman Dick Cheney. The tape shows the former “vice-president” and architect of generations of wars (although never having served in one)  speaking to an unnamed interviewer, with the Capitol Building in view behind him, from what appears to be his secret undisclosed location, the byzantine network of fortified caves that is more impenetrable than Tora Bora — Washington.

Cheney, his voice sounding understatedly more assholishly self-righteous than usual, made ominous statements regarding the “crotch bomber” whose action, he said, ”should not be treated as a criminal act, but as an act of war,“ presumably referring to the war on the man’s own balls.

He conducted the interview wearing a red tie, perhaps suggesting more bloodshed, and suggested that the Obama Administration owes his presidential spokesperson, George W. Bush, ”a big vote of thanks up front.“ Or, in Cheney’s case, from behind.

The video is chilling and offers insights into Cheney’s dark and terrifying mind, far worse than the late Osama bin Laden, the CIA operative who has been dead for years, along with most of America’s overly “Snookified“brain cells.

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