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Sports: Confusion Reigns at Shirts’ Minicamp

Prparing for Archrival Skins a Tough Task

By Joe Bodolai (c) All rights reserved.

Oldest Rivalry in Sports

If the Shirts plan on catching their archrival Skins they had better get their heads in the game — and soon. The first session of their rookie minicamp was marred by massive confusion, resulting in 35 interceptions as players blocked and tackled their own teammates. Coach Ed Hardy said “The kids were solid physically but the mental mistakse will kill us. I’ll probably have the defense actually take their shirts off next time to better simulate the Skins’ coverages.” Hardy said he will also appeal the unofficial world-wide league’s ruling allowing liberal use of suntan oil by the Skins making them too slippery to tackle. We’re going to go to West Coast Hair Gel offense and a 4-3 Vaseline defense,” said Hardy.

The Skins have a commanding and almost insurmountable three game lead in what is the oldest rivalry in sports, with a 23,456,789,243 wins to the Shirts’ 23,456,789,240..

  1. Billy
    May 26, 2010 at 2:34 pm

    Well, it’s not surprising that the skins have more wins, what with the suntan oil and all. I’m all for repeal of the rule allowing this practice.

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