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Welcome to Sarahville: Here’s the One-Woman Show Sarah Hyland

“Am I Right Ladies?” Enters Menopause. Get the #*% Outta the Way for New Female Comedy!

By Joe Bodolai (c) 2011, All rights reserved

Sarah Hyland has star quality and unlimited potential!” — Barry Garron, Hollywood Reporter

If you like Bridesmaids, meet Sarah Hyland. Her characters include La’Sarah! Not only do we have 3 Million Views on YouTube, there are so many imitators, she’s now classified as a “public figure”. It’s Queen La’Sarah!

Supermodel Hot and also Superfunny

Sarah Hyland is one of the funniest people I have ever had the good fortune to work with. This includes some of the world’s top comedians, including working with Mike Myers in the early writing and developing Wayne’s World, and many more on SNL and that includes major male stars such as Eddie Murphy, Bill Murray, and more. I’m tired of hearing that women can’t be “funny like a dude” or that “hot girls aren’t funny.” Watch these videos to see how wrong those sayings are. She is as funny as anyone on the planet. Her ass-kicking improv talent is featured on my YouTube Channel highlighted by the hilarious and original queen “LaSarah”. Kristen Wiig and the girls in Bridesmaids are all hilarious and Sarah is more than their equal and has a range of characters that could fill every role in this movie. If Bridesmaidscan kick open the doors to a wider range of women in comedy and away from the “am I right, ladies?” standard standup, then it should also kick the decision makers in their teenboy nut$ack and make way for Sarah. Here’s a short sample of her crackling quick fearless improv skills, featuring Sarah portraying her version of her mum Gail on the loose in Hollywood, running into a man with an extremely large…

Shit yeah, here’s “Kentucky Lightning”. She’s got a kick like moonshine and a tongue like… well, like her tongue. Here’s Kentucky Lightning working it out at UCLA.

Oh, and any of you searching for “girl on girl” action”, thanks for ending up here sleazeballs. Below is one of my favourite videos with her. This is not two different girls; Sarah plays both roles, because Kentucky Loves Sarah:

“She’s in the league of Eddie Murphy (in his hey day), Dave Chappelle, Lily Tomlin and Whoopi Goldberg when it comes to the difficult task of being able to be a brilliantly insane character actress AND a riveting stand-up comedian … and be able to get big laughs from both.” — Interlude Magazine

For more of Sarah’s hilarious comedy with these characters and more, along with a hundred more of my videos, go here — Now!

My YouTube Channel

Please copy and paste and send the link to this page to everybody who should know about Sarah: http://wp.me/pKBYM-q8

And go to Sarah’s channel and send her your love. Lots more characters, a block-rockin’ LaSarah music video, and much more. Don’t miss it:

Sarah’s YouTube Channel

And for more about Sarah and to order some great merchandise personally autographed and sent with the love of all of her many personalities and characters go here. And don’t forget to take Sarah with you on your iPod or iPad or iPhone or iDon’tKnowWhat.


and read her new blog:

Sarah’s Blog, Daily Yum Yum



  1. someguyatstarbucks
    January 10, 2011 at 2:33 pm

    Wow! I’ve seen this girl on your comedy videos and have been looking for more. She is da bomb baby! Lasarah is epic!

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