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APFI Releases List of Top Porn Films of All Time

January 10, 2010 1 comment

“Debbie Does Dialysis” Comes in at Number One, Then Comes Again

All Booty Channel Launches With Back for Days

By Joe Bodolai © All rights reserved

Calabasas, California  – The American Porn Film Institute today released its list of the top porn films of all time and, as expected, the number one selection was the classic about a sexy nurse who provides oral resuscitation in a kidney treatment center, “Debbie Does Dialysis”, which outdistanced the highbrow entry “William Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Penis”, “Pump Friction”, and  the moving “Schindler’s DIck”.

The Institute also released their controversial list of “Mainstream Movies That Have Stolen Porn Titles”, naming “Dick Tracy” number one in the new category for its “Joycean imperative sentence title evoking “Finnegans Wake”.  Other notable films on the list included the prodigious “8-1/2” and the episodic montage “The 400 Blows”.

Another new “urban booty” category was also announced with ““Driving Miss Daisy’s Booty” finishing second to “Booty and The Beast.” The “urban” category was sponsored by the new All Booty Channel, recently launched to provide bodacious booty 24/7.

For the full list, the APFI suggested that porn lovers make up their own titles and post them as comments.

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